A Philosophy of Service

A place of true service must always come from within.  The initial thought or desire to get involved may originate from the tragic, heart-wrenching story you’ve heard about; however, the authentic, physical, hands-on tasks or work that needs to be done must come from the heart of an individual.

This form of service will always push us, challenge us, and even encourage us to deny that base and self-serving part of us that wants to complain: “It’s taking too long to finish;” “it’s too hard;” “I’m not getting paid for all this;” “I could be doing something else;” “what was I thinking? Three whole days of nothing but work;” “huh, what have they ever done for me?” etc.

To avoid this disposition we should never lose sight that whenever we present ourselves to serve or volunteer we must always allow our core being [soul/spirit/conscience/heart] to be the catalyst that directs our thoughts, behavior and attitudes.  Present with a smile and a cheerful heart; ready hands and feet to work as if unto the lord.  For he who sees your sacrifice [precious time and energy, financial resources used for gas, food, childcare, etc.] of volunteering in secret will in return reward you openly.

E. Meshal Crooms




Volunteer Speeches

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