2015 Grant Criteria

2015 Grant Criteria

The Courtney S. Crooms Foundation Grant



Submission dates Dec 1, 2014 (opening date) – Feb 27, 2015 (closing date)


  1. Must be a U.S. citizen and a legal resident of the State of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia or Alabama.
  2. Must be a female high school freshman through senior between the ages of 14 through 18.
  3. Must be a member of a legitimate team/club within the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) organizations, or “High School team.”
  4. Must have a “B” grade point average (3.0) or higher on a 4.0 GPA scale
  5. Must submit an essay: include a full-length “Digital” color photo in your team uniform (preferably an action shot). No less than 400 words about yourself, your interests, and your goals after high school.
  6. Must have five (5) letters of recommendation: two academic, with one from a current and one from a previous year teacher; two athletic; and one of community/civic-related service or from a guidance counselor stating specific volunteer activities within the school.Letters of recommendation must include the date, contact information (e.g. phone & email), position/title and signature.
  7. Must submit an official “sealed” transcript of currently enrolled classes which clearly states GPA and letter grade earned.
  8. Must have participated in a social or civic-related activity within the last 12 months: e.g., church auxiliary, community-based program, and/or volunteer related activity.
  9. A mandatory interview (via conference call) for all applicants identified as finalists

—We highly recommend that application packets be submitted early. Any incomplete packets, or packets postmarked on the closing date, and/or received (via standard or E-mail) after the closing date will not be viewed or accepted.
—All packets are reviewed within one month after the closing date. Grant finalists [only] will be notified by mail between 30-40 days after submission deadline and a telephone interview via conference call is mandatory for all finalists being considered.
—Absolutely no phone or email inquiries in regards to packet receipt. Additionally, do not send via certified or overnight mail. If receipt confirmation is desired, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your transcript/packet.
—Applicants with a medically diagnosed learning disability (and who meet the other requirements) may apply with a G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher. (Physician documentation is required.)
—Applicants may reapply so long as they continue to meet established criteria and foundation guidelines.

*Packets (submitted in PDF format) and digital photos may be submitted via E-mail as email attachments; however, all sealed transcripts MUST be submitted by standard mail.

(Email to: Mcrooms@c-cfoundation.org or Lbrooks-kennedy@c-cfoundation.org)



Once grant recipients have been chosen head coaches will be contacted for applicable fees. Any false or misleading information given to the foundation regarding registration or scheduled tournament fees (on behalf of a player) will result in all current and future funding being withheld for players under said coach. The foundation will make every effort to track teams’ tournament participation.