Ebony Brown Signed

Ebony Brown Signed

2010 -11 CSC Foundation Team Player Ebony Brown signs with Norfolk State University on April 21st, 2011

 Ebony with mom, dad and sister(1)

Ebony with mom, dad and sister


Mrs. Crooms with the happy family

Mrs Crooms with the college-bound guest of honor(1)

Mrs. Crooms with the college-bound guest of honor


Group shot with SACA Athletic Dir. Dwight Howard, Sr.

Arielle Thomas Signing

arielle signing day 004arielle signing day 030
Arielle Thomas a 2010 grantee signed with Young Harris College on 13 April 2011 at  North Clayton High School.
 with mom and dad
Mrs. Crooms and daughter Joy at O’Charley’s after party.